Artifacts of Motul de San Jose

We include here the corpus of artifact photographs and drawings of the Motul de San Jose Archaeological Project. We hope that this serves students in learning about prehispanic Maya civilization, and professionals for comparison with their archaeological materials. At this point, we have over 200 photographs of pottery vessels, and a few other non-ceramic artifacts. This is not a representative sample of the Motul de San Jose pottery collection because we have focused on the whole and partial polychrome vessels of the Late Classic period. We hope that in the future we will expand this photographic archive to include the broader range of ceramic types and time periods. We also hope that in the future we will be able to include other material classes, such as figurines, chert and obsidian tools, animal bones, etc.

Digital copies of the artifacts can be found at theĀ Unbound Motul de San Jose Images Collection

You can see a visual representation of where the artifacts were found on theĀ Maps Page