foias_afoiasAntonia E. Foias is Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology at Williams College. She received her B.A. Summa cum laude from Harvard University in 1987 and her Ph.D. in anthropology from Vanderbilt in 1996, specializing in Mesoamerica, especially the ancient Maya. She has published on the topics of ceramic analysis, economy, politics, and evolution of complex society. She is the author of the monograph  The Economic Parameters of the Classic Maya Collapse: Ceramics, Production and Exchange in the Petexbatun Region on changing ceramic production and exchange in the Petexbatun region of Guatemala (with Ronald Bishop, 2012, Vanderbilt University Press), and Ancient Maya Political Dynamics (2013, University Press of Florida). She is the co-editor of Geographies of Power: Understanding the Nature of Terminal Classic Pottery in the Maya Lowlands (2005) with Sandra L. López Varela. Since 1998 she has directed the multifaceted archaeological research at the site of Motul de San José, located in the Central Petén jungle of Guatemala. Foias’ research focuses on the political and economic organization of the Classic Maya polity at Motul de San Jose. She teaches courses in Mesoamerican anthropology, ancient civilizations and human evolution.

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